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July 01, 2011 02:20am

Tofinish ,  I had $8,  I gave it to him,   he almost was in tears,  I said I love you brother.  and God wants you to have this Money.  Praise God for the chance to help someone hurting worse that me.  Penny Darland

July 01, 2011 02:16am

Tonight a brother in our church came to our home, and said he didn't have the money to get his medicine,All we had was $8. dallors ,  but God spoke to me to give him, the money, I did,   I love the Lord and I know he will provide for us. Sis. Penny DArland

July 01, 2011 02:13am

Tonight, a new convert, Mike, came to our home, and proceeded to tell us he didn't have the money to get his medicine,  it touched my heart,   My husband and I are both out of work right now and I just had to go to the food band to get us food, I had 8

May 29, 2011 08:20am

How Sweet It Is To Have God, How Sweet It Is To Have Jesus., Nation Please Here The Word's That Lord Want's You To Hear., You have A Life Changing Opportunity, An Opportunity That Will Give You More Than The Riches Of The Earth, An Opportunity That Will Bless You With The Greatest Friendship That You Will Ever Have, This Opportunity Is Breath Taking, An Opportunity For Life More Abundant,

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