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One Desire


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May 26, 2011 07:16pm

My grandfather died on his birthday while i was holding him.. Every time I listen to this song, i remember that incident. It was long before I stopped dreaming about him.

May 26, 2011 07:09pm

On April 5, 2009 at 3 in the morning, I was making a music video for my grandfather's 83rd birthday to be celebrated later on that day. It was supposedly a surprise for him. It was his first birthday without my grandmother. She passed away 8 months before that time. I was having a hard time selecting family pictures and videos to be put together for the video that's why I was still wide awake during that hour. It was difficult to choose a happy birthday song too. And when I was about to finish the music video, my Aunt was knocking frantically at our door. She stayed at the house next to ours for that night with my grandfather and a few of my cousins. I thought she was too excited for the upcoming celebration that she was already awoke at 3am. When I opened the door, she was crying and so hysterical I could barely made out any sense to what she was telling me. And then my parents eventually woke up because of the panic and my Aunt being so hysterical. Finally, she got the strength to tell us that our grandfather fell when he was getting off the bed. At that instant, I was dumbfounded and I looked at my unfinished music video. We all rushed up to the next house and found our poor old man lying in the floor with blood on his head. He was unconscious. I was not able to feel anything at that time so I told everybody to calm down and do the important things quickly. My one aunt prepared some of my grandfather's things to be taken to the hospital. My second aunt tried unsuccessfully to clean the blood in the floor. Her hands were shaking she could barely hold the cloth. My mother was helping my father to get the car ready. My cousins were shocked and could not move. While everybody was doing their part, I held my grandfather and tried to ease his position. His arms were twisted maybe because he used them for support. There was still blood coming out from his head. I smoothed out his hair. I couldn't hear him breathing anymore. And before my father got the car in the next house, my grandfather let out a heavy breath like a snore i thought was his last. And there I felt my tears fell. They rushed him to the hospital. Two hours later, my father went back home and said to prepare the foods for my grandfather's birthday celebration. He also asked for the music video i made to be played in the tv. He also asked me to make another music video to be played for my grandfather's funeral. I made the video using the same set of pictures and videos combined but it was no longer a happy-birthday song in the background. I used this one instead.

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